Since I was in high school, I dreamed of making smoked meat that could make people close their eyes and hum in satisfaction while they ate the barbecue that came from my pit. My brother Joe and I worked together during long nights when we should have been studying for our SATs and doing our homework.
That was more than ten years ago, and since then barbecue has undergone an that evolution that emerged in 2009 with Aaron Franklin’s redefinition of brisket. After 2009 my personal goal was to match the tenderness famed across Texas as the best according to those who live to travel endless miles for a taste of high quality, slow smoked barbecue.
My professional pitmaster journey began almost three years ago. In the wake of leaving my steady job, I found myself down on my luck. Being that I had little to lose I decided to risk it all and look for work in the barbecue world in Austin, Texas, a little over an hour drive away from my home in San Antonio,Texas. I made my way up to La Barbecue, a place that was in the up and coming in 2013 according to the whispers of Texas barbecue connoisseurs and reviewers in Texas Monthly Magazine.
Grace smiled on me one day when some stranger decided not to take the position he was offered by La Barbecue, and I was offered the position to work under the tutelage of pitmaster John Lewis, the same man who had once worked along side of Franklin. Finally, after spending ten years of doing barbecue on my own, this became the biggest step of achieving my dream of smoked heavenly morsels emerging from my humble working hands. I was John Lewis’s wingman until I had finally mastered taming the fire and keeping the pit at a consistent temperature in order to produce top quality smoked meats that were going to debut before a long line of customers the very next day.
At last, the inquisition of barbecue mastery was beginning to emerge from all of my hard work. I spent another year working at La Barbecue, slow smoking for our everyday crowd and catering for a few special events.
This is now my third year since becoming a head pit master, and I have since branched out on my own, working for myself as apart of 2M Smokehouse & Catering.
Each time I light up the piled wood stack in the fire box, I can't help but smile. In the glow of the heat coming from my pit, El Mexicano, I am overwhelmed with excitement because with the start of every wakeful smoking 20 hour session I am another step in towards evolving my craft in the comfort of my own home town of San Antonio Texas.
I am blessed to be working alongside my brother in barbecue, Joe. He and I have created 2M Smokehouse & Catering, and our goal is simple: to bring top quality farm-fresh goods, slow smoke it to perfection, and serve it to the wonderful people of south Texas.
We have had a very successful pop-up in Lytle Texas, and we want to continue serving you for years to come. In order to continue doing so, our goal is to purchase a location and take our top-notch cooking to the next level. If you’d like to give us a helping hand in achieving our dream faster than we can do it on our own, please donate and be proud about bringing high quality barbecue down south for good.


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